What To Do


We have a café/kiosk where you can buy icecream, candy, soda, water, coffée and cookies.


If you like to exercise we have a new gym just next to the campsite and the best of all  it´s outside


We offer a lot of fun things to do at Storumans Camping.
We have minature golf and a padle boat that you can rent.

You can walk or run around the lake and use our gym and after that you can relax in our sauna.
Storumans Camping  have a tennis court and a gymnasium for rent. Around the lake there are places where you can barbeque and have a nice evening looking out on the midnightsun.
We have two playgrounds for the children.
A few kilometers away there is an summer ski trail.


In Gunnarn you will find a 9 hole golf course. The drivingrange is different, you hit the balls out in a lake!
In Gunnarn you also find the Linnépark. The touristinformation have more information about that.

The church in Stensele

In the village of Stensele the larges wood church of Sweden is located. It will take up to 2000 persons.


The first weekend after midsummer a big festival is arranged here in Storuman. You can stroll around in the fleemarket, eat all different kind of foods.
There will be armwrestling contests and you can take a ride in the steam train.
And the biggest event is the dance at night "Dansgalan" with famous stars from Sweden performing.


The craziest game ever is arranged here in Storuman,Swampsoccer. It is soccer played in mud.
You are welcome to join with your team.
Please come and visit us during this fun event. We promise you will have a great weekend.


In Storuman you will find aktivitetshuset, they offer you a libary, bowling and you can play a game of pool.


The view Point

Umeälven go through the whole city of Storuman, it builds islands that is clearly seen from the fantasic view point on Stenseleberget, wich is a must when you visit Storuman.
Luspholmarna is another must it´s the island that you see from the view point, it´s a short walk from Storumans Camping.
During the summer months Hembygdsgården is open with their little museum.


It´s great fishing in the lake Uman. You can catch all sorts of fish.
Storbäcken, Juktån and Paubäcken is also near by.


Welcom to an old house where they make tunnbröd and bake all the godies.
You can have coffie and waffels to
Open during July