Welcome to make a reservation with us!
Please call or e-mail us to book your cabin or a place for your caravan/camper.

Check-In/Check out
Check in time for cabins are 3pm arrival day and check out time 11pm at departure day.
For caravan, camper or tent the check out time is 12pm.

Befor you leave please clean the cabin. At your arrival you can book cleaning for a cost of 600kr. If you leave the cabin without cleaning there will be a fee of 1000kr.
Please clean your camping pitch befor leaving us.

Rules for cancellation
The booking is conclusive. If you need to cancel you have to contact us personally 3 days befor your arrival, you can call us
+46 951 143 00 or send an e-mail to storumanscamping@storuman.se  
If you don´t cancel you have to pay the full price of your reservation.